The festival of Durga Puja

Durga Puja is more than a puja; in a nutshell, it is an emotion. The entire Bengal is unleashed in the coming of Mother Goddess and there are many emotions related to this festival. In addition to Bengal, the national capital also has its share of celebrations. The best Durga Puja in Delhi consists of all those emotions that Kolkata has to offer, they literally staged the same theatrical shows here in Delhi, just like those in Kolkata. The Delhi Durga Puja celebrations are very similar to their Calcutta counterparts and promise five crazy days of fun and joke, which end with much pain and even some tears, while the Goddess Durga leaves to go home. The whole thing starts with shopping for every day, and then with the advent of puja turns into a celebration like no other. When you’re in Delhi, you don’t have to look for the favorite places of Durga Puja, because here we offer you the best Pandurgs of Durga Puja in Delhi.

Durga Puja – Kashmere Gate

Durga Puja

Considered the oldest Durga Puja in the city, this one was born in 1909. The puja is an absolute success among the Bengalis in Delhi and even the non-Bengalis take part in the celebrations. A puja that follows all the rules of the book and that makes the feasts of five days exciting and interesting, this is certainly a must visit for devotees. Without doubt one of the best Durga Pujas in the city, the Kashmere Gate celebrations are not to be missed. The pandal is beautifully decorated every year, with unique designs and more, while the idol is simple, traditional and nothing short of divine.


Durga Puja – Safdarjung Enclave

Durga Puja

Located ve close to the Green Park tube station, this is run by Matri Mandir Samiti and is one of the leading pujas in Delhi. The idol is built by artists who are brought from Calcutta and the pandal is usually a replica of an Indian temple. One of the best smiles of Durga in Delhi, you should visit during your pandal hopping expedition. The pandal decorations are unique and the rituals are performed in front of hundreds of entering devotees to take a look at the goddess. You could come here for the Kumari Puja and also on Ashtami for the main celebrations. There is nothing better in Delhi Durga puja.


Durga Puja – Chittaranjan Park

Durga Puja

This is for those who would like to experience the atmosphere of Calcutta. There are four main Durga Pujas that happen here every year, with much fanfare. Over the years, most of the blocks here have begun to organize their pujas, so you have a variety here like no other place in Delhi. By far the most quintessential experience of Delhi Durga Puja, Chittaranjan Park or CR Park, as it is commonly indicated, should be on the list of places to visit during the festival period. The location is easily accessible from the Nehru Place subway station and we advise you to go early as traffic can really kill your spirit.


Durga pooja in New Delhi

A very ancient celebration of Durga Puja started way back in 1925, the New Delhi Kali Bari or the Temple of Kali is certainly a place of interest when it comes to Durga Puja in Delhi. Initially the celebrations were held on Bangla Sahib Road, which was then known as Baird Road, which was later moved to its current location. The celebrations here are very traditional and this will give you an insight into a secular puja. The rituals of Durga Puja have remained unchanged since 1936 and there is also the opportunity to attend the competition and the recitation of Rabindra Sangeet. A healthy cultural festival, the puja Kali Bar in New Delhi is something not to be missed. The pandal is located about a kilometer from Ramakrishna’s Asakam Marg subway station.

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