we aspire to give you experiences of cultural coalescence, bound by friendship and trust.

100% Commitment

As we believe that total commitment to our guests is the best way to begin an unforgettable adventure with confidence, we remain reachable at all times. During your stay, share your thoughts with us, and if you have any questions we will answer them immediately with enthusiasm, and offer you the best advice for a great trip.

Value for Money

We do claim to be the most affordable, and we do offer excellent products with value for money. We have a strong network of local service providers offering the fairest price possible, and work only with qualified and trustworthy local agents. We guarentee prices that have no hidden fees, so you can enjoy your journey without missing a thing.

Secure Travel

We take all measures to ensure your money is safe. For extra peace of mind, please note we have a public liability insurance of 150000 €. This contingency insurance compensates for any damage caused to the trip in the course of tourist services that are given by Ciao India Tours  in the Asian subcontinent.

Fair Trade Practices

We are  responsible tourism company, our net worth is with local people who offer their services to us. Consequently, a major part of our earnings go directly to them. Our experts have concocted original circuits, especially for you, which are the perfect combination of emotion, interaction and unknown territories, designed through fair practices.

 Unforgettable Experience

Un forgettable Experience is our valued concept which facilitates fruitful engagement with local communities. Traveling with us is the best way to come closer to the daily life of local people. You have the chance to impart your knowledge, skills and art to them. So if you are an artist, a photographer, a cook, or think you have any skills you could share with local communities, please feel free to tell us about them, and we will organize a special activity for you at a right place and time to support them. In our very first communication with our customers, we ask if they wish to participate in an activity – even if just for one hour – that can help promote inter-cultural engagement and understanding to help make our world a better place. And 99% of them say YES.

Customer Reviews

Many of our customers are referred to us by word of mouth. At Ciao India Tours we take pride in creating new, customized programs that you can choose from, taking into account your preferences, your priorities, your passions and everything you aspire to experience on a new journey. And our feedback reflects our hard work and passion to satisfy our customers: 99% of our clients rated our services as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’, 98% of our clients would recommend us to a friend, and 100% of our clients said they would want to take another trip with Ciao India Tours in the future.