Tuk Tuk tour New Mangalore

Port New Mangalore • Level of difficulties Easy • Type Not available • Price Adults € • Duration in hours 5.5 • Shore excursion code


This charming fun excursion gives us the opportunity to discover the city of Mangalore, its most characteristic corners and its everyday life, aboard one of the most popular means of transport in India – a Tuk-Tuk.

What we will see

• City of Mangalore by Tuk-Tuk
• Cashew nut processing facility
• Rice processing facility
• Local market: typical regional products
• Restaurant lunch

What we will do

• After leaving the port, we get ready for this thrilling tour of the city of Mangalore by getting on an “Auto Rickshaw” also known as Tuk-Tuk, a picturesque three-wheeled taxi which is a very popular means of transport in India.
• We start our Tuk-Tuk tour by visiting a cashew nut processing facility.
• The processing of this type of dried fruit is considered one of the city’s main activities.
• Mangalore in fact exports 75% of the coffee and cashew nuts produced in India to various countries such as the US, Canada and Europe.
• We continue our tour with a rice processing facility.
• Rice is a very popular ingredient and a staple food in southern India.
• Most Indian dishes use rice as a base.
• During our visit, we will also learn about the process starting in paddies and ending with rice production.
• It is a rather simple yet interesting procedure that is worth learning about.
• We will then head to the local market, where we can find different types of fish, flowers and other typical regional products.
• Before going back, we have the chance to try some local cuisine with a restaurant lunch.
• Afterwards, out Tuk-Tuk will take us back to the port.

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