Good morning Mumbai

Port Bombay/Mumbai • Level of difficulties Moderate • Type Sightseeing, Cultural • Price Adults € • Duration in hours 3.5 Hrs. • Shore excursion code


This tour, at the daybreak, will give you a deep insight into the morning life of Mumbai. You will have an amazing experience during a ride in the local train – the lifeline of Mumbai, the visit of the bustling wholesale flower and vegetable market, and a visit to the ISKON temple to witness and participate in the vibrant morning prayer ritual – ‘Arti’.

What we will see

• Train ride in the local train
• flower and vegetable market
• ISKON temple to witness and participate in the vibrant morning prayer ritual

What we will do

• Early hours of the day are a rendezvous with the surreal Mumbai. This mercurial character of the city, when observed in the wee hours of the morning is quite unique in that you experience the underbelly of this magnificent city and understand what makes it tick. To know Mumbai, experience a local train journey is a must and will introduce you to the true Mumbaikar culture.
• You will board the train from Church Gate for Dadar station where you would also get to see how multi-lingual newspapers are assorted and distributed with 100% accuracy.
• Our next stop will be the flower market. Flowers are an integral part of Indian way of life. In fact, in most Indian homes, the day start with lighting of traditional lamps and worshiping with flowers. Flowers are brought to Dadar wholesale market from various parts of the state.
• At the vegetable and fruit market, truckloads of vegetables and fruits, arrive from various sources across the state, are downloaded and are moved by head loads and hand crafts. You can see customers haggle and bargain for the best deal.
• Our last stop will then be taken at ISKON temple (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) where you can follow the morning ‘Arti’ (religious ritual with lamps and music). The atmosphere is so vibrant and electrifying that you will feel elevated to a higher plane and would get tempted to join the rituals and dance. In fact, the temple management encourages interested visitors to join the ritual and dances, which many do happily.

What you need to know

• The tour will start around 5.30 am from the pier, you will have the chance to join breakfast on board after the tour, as well to join tours departing during the day.
• Please check with our Tour Office on board our several offers and the related departure times.


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