Beaches in India 

When dreaming up a tropical getaway in India, the primary place that likely involves mind is Goa — a former Portuguese colony about an hour’s flight south of Mumbai. But the favored seaside retreat is not the only sandy shoreline in India that’s worth a visit once you travel here. We’ve combed the coastline to uncover some of the simplest beaches in India

Beaches in India – Gokarna, Karnataka

Beaches in India 

Perhaps the sole strip of sand in India with an attempt at unseating Goa from its position , Gokarna offers an equivalent alluring package of beach escape and spiritualism. A short stroll or boat ride off is that the ultra-secluded Half Moon Beach. Farther along is Paradise — an area of low hammocks over the sand, fresh seafood in beach shacks, and welcoming homestays owned by locals.


Beaches in India – Tarkarli, Maharashtra

Beaches in India 

With the beaches of Goa packed throughout the year, the southern coast of Maharashtra — a couple of hours’ drive to the northwest — may be a great alternative. In addition to fine white sands, the Tarkarli region is additionally home to serene backwaters, bustling villages and ancient sea forts. Travelers can enjoy the quiet life or take advantage of ample water activities like scuba diving, parasailing and snorkeling on the beach. Just off the coast of Malvan (about 45 minutes northwest of Tarkarli), the Sindhudurg Fort is that the area’s most beautiful monument.

Beaches in India – Kaup, Karnataka

Beaches in India 

Close to the temple town of Udupi, within the southern state of Karnataka, Kaup (known locally as Kapu) is about within the backwaters of the Netravati river. It’s a vision of blues and greens, surrounded by groves of needled casuarina trees. Along the beach, travelers will find a century-old lighthouse from where one can have an excellent sunset views from atop the tower. When walks on the shore and cargo ship rides get boring, we’d recommend a side trip to St Mary’s Islands, off the coast. A national geological monument, the four-island archipelago is famed for its stunning hexagonal basalt lava rock columns — thought so far back many years. Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama is also thought to have landed on the island in the 1490s on his way to Kerala.

Looking for beaches in India visit Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu

Beaches in India 

Meaning “The Land of the Singing Waves” within the local Tamil language, Tharangambadi was a Danish colony from 1620 to 1845.  Apart from a beautiful beach, the town is an architecturally fascinating place to go to , crammed with old churches and monuments from the time of Danish and, later, British rule. One of the foremost impressive buildings within the area is sand-colored Fort Dansborg, overlooking the ocean .

 Radhanagar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Located on Havelock Island which is part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Radhanagar is oft listed as one of Asia’s best beaches. Despite the far-flung location, there’s actually much to do. Travelers can fill their days with water sports, sunbathing, surfing, fishing, sailing, kayaking and rainforest treks — to name a few.



 Minicoy, Lakshadweep

Minocy Island is part of group of Islands which is known as Lakshadweep, it is also called the Maldives of 100 years ago, This is beach is among the most amazing beaches in the world which one can experience.
Most beaches around the archipelago offer private coves and an assortment of water activities, but Minicoy — in the southernmost atoll — scores bonus points with those who are seeking absolute isolation. 

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