This was for us the second trip we take with them.
Last year we did the Golden Deli Agra Triangle, Jaipur, The Mystical and Incredible Varanasi and the unforgettable magic Ladakh where we left a bit of heart, with the Nubra valley, the Buddhist monasteries and retracing the Silk Road.
This year we have just returned from India, we have chosen them again ….. a 22-day journey started together with them walking through the markets of Dheli (for a tourist hard to find) buying spices and delicacies. Then by train to Amritsar with the unforgettable Golden Templar, the changing of the guard on the border with Pakistan.
The itinerary continued towards Kashmir in Srinagar on the Dal Lake … a magnificent accommodation on a House Boat
The lake is really very beautiful the floating market at dawn ….. and in the evening with a fairytale atmosphere, silent moving by boat in a sea of ​​lines.
Then the very colorful Calcutta, not only the home of Saint Mother Teresa ….. but the flower market, walk across one of the longest suspension bridges in the world, venture out with their magnificent guide to potters’ quarters … .and surrounded by locals happy to take dozens and dozens of photos with us.
Then the beautiful Kerala Fort Kochi with Chinese nets, eating fish on the beach in the evening, walking among the plantations of you (pity the persistent rain) sailing to Alleppy and sleeping on the boat.
Finally Mumbai ….. must not look with eyes but live it with the heart …. beautiful experience made to walk in what they call Baracopoli (the largest in Asia) ….. we think the richer than a splendid humanity.
The only advice I can give ….. trust them

Roberto Zallio