Diwali is the festival of lights.

People celebrate the day by lighting oil lamps, making crackers explode and enjoying a cultural moment in the family to remember that Good always prevails over Evil. Some explain that Diwali is the day Ram came back to Ayodhya with his wife, his brother and Hanuman after killing Ravan. For some communities, Diwali is celebrated as the day the Pandavas returned to their nation after 13 years of exile and hiding. Deepawali is also seen as the day when Lord Lakshmi came out of the sea of ​​milk. Diwali night is celebrated in colors to enjoy the marriage of Lord Vishnu and Lord Lakshmi.

For people in the eastern regions of India, this festival is celebrated as Kali’s victory over demons. In the central northern part of India, Diwali is the day when Lord Krishna raised Mount Govardhan to protect his village people from the wrath of Lord Indra. The people of the south enjoy themselves as the day Lord Krishna won on Narakasura.

It is not just about Hinduism. The Sikhs see Diwali as the day when Guru Har Gobind freed many people from the fort of Gwalior. In Jainism, this is the day when Mahavira reached nirvana. Here is all you need to know and understand to celebrate Deepawali in India. First of all, the demand for tickets, hotels and other services will be at its peak during Diwali. Therefore, it is very important to book in advance all services and amenities before the departure date.

Celebration of Diwali in India 


The Festival of Lights is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated festivals for most Indians. It is celebrated throughout India and has different and differently written names. Deepawali, Deepavali could be anything in different parts of India. But the meaning is always the same as Deep is Light and vali è row – so it means something like a row of lights. The whole country is illuminated with these colored lights on the Biggest Festival in India. It is a four-day festival and Deepawali 2019 falls on Sunday 27 October. Join the dazzling colors and lights of this Deepawali celebration in India. Book a tour in India to watch the Deepawali celebration all over India.